The Combined Charging System (CCS), the so-called preferred charging port among
European and American automakers, has long been the elephant in the room. The vast
majority of those in the EV industry admit to CCS’s poor, clunky design and performance, yet
we’ve begrudgingly accepted it as the “standard” since its introduction over a decade ago.
Tesla’s charging port predates CCS, and the company renamed it the North American
Charging Standard (NACS) in 2022 to send a very clear message: its design is superior to
CCS, and the industry should move to adopt it as the preferred standard. And they’re right.
NACS has no moving parts, is half the size and more powerful than CCS, and ultimately
provides a far better charging experience for drivers. What’s not to like?
In recent weeks, major automakers have finally begun to see the light. Ford announced its
next generation of EVs will include the NACS port, allowing owners of Ford vehicles to
seamlessly charge at Tesla Superchargers – no adapter needed. Just two weeks later, GM
followed suit, with plans to begin installing NACS in its EVs starting in 2025.
At EverCharge, we’re committed to removing barriers to EV adoption by building the essential
infrastructure that enables convenient and accessible charging experiences for our drivers.
We’re in full support of these recent moves by Ford and GM – and we’re proud to be a provider
of charging solutions that support all vehicles, both NACS and CCS. Upon request, we’re
ready to provide NACS connectors – allowing our partners to install future-proof charging
hardware that meet the needs of current and future EV drivers.
If you’re interested in bringing EverCharge’s charging solutions to your site, simply reach out
to or give us a call at 888.342.7383 to get the process started.